These are those random things you should know to ensure a smooth and pleasant meeting with me!  All of these are important to me and can make or break your chances of scheduling with me in the future. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any unanswered questions or concerns.  Most are pretty standard, all need to be followed.  I figure might as well be up front...then less talking and more fun when we DO meet up!




 **Donations should never be discussed really if I haven't screened you or met you yet then any discussion of rates or services will possibly result in immediate cessation of our communication and/ or date.  I don't even like to acknowledge the whole transaction- I just like to think the money fairy rains down on me at random or that I just deserve presents for it being a Wednesday...or Monday...or... haha!  If I have screened you and you have a question or if something is not clear on my donations feel free to ask.  Grandfathering of rates can apply to those I've seen prior to May 2020 until June 2021.

**Discretion is priority- if you need me please contact me- I do not text anyone first unless I'm absolutely sure it's safe to do so or you have told me to.  I will always be professional and respect your private life (please do the same).   Please do not text me because you are bored and need a chat buddy- that is not what I am here for.  I do not have my work phone on or with me unless I am working and accepting appts, nor do I answer it during a date so there may be times I won't be able to respond immediately- sending 8 texts in a row in a short period of time thinking that gets a faster response will probably annoy me a bit lol - basically if I'm busy I'm busy and I'll be in touch when able. :) 

**I am 100% independent- I'm running a one woman show- I have no assistant, booking agent, or anyone helping me screen so your information will be seen by my eyes only and treated with the utmost discretion but the trade off is that it will more than likely take me a bit to get screenings done and email times can be increased. I utilize off shore data storage and web hosting, etc for both of our protection.   There may be times where it can take me longer than usual to get back to you- for all kinds of various reasons.  Prebooking or at least prescreening is truly of the essence when trying to arrange a last minute meeting .  Please be patient, I can only do so much and impatience and being rushed are a couple huge peeves of mine.

**Make sure you confirm your appointment in advance ( the day before if you prebooked  more than 3 days in advance  by texting/ emailing me just to touch base.)  I will then also give you an approximate location of where we are to meet to help you judge travel time.  If you do not have my phone number please remind me and I will provide it.  Also if you are a new client and have booked 2 hours or more please remember to send in your 25% deposit to ensure your appointment time.

**You can text or call me for the exact location once you reach the area given in the previous step and I will then provide easy instructions to my incall location.  If touring the room number will be provided once you reach the hotel along with any other important instructions such as the location of the elevator.

**At my CR  incall:  (this one is important!) call or text upon arrival so (this is to those I have met previously and who got to skip the above step) and wait for the okay before coming to the door- I can't hear the doorbell from certain areas and it's just best if I am right there to open it as soon as you arrive.  I also generally do not answer my door as a rule unless I know who is on the other side for my safety.  It would also be slightly tragic if I were to stumble over my stilettos running to the door :)

**Please don't arrive early-this one super irks my taters.  Or more like if you arrive early super but don't text me and be ready to see me until it's our scheduled time to meet- I'm never early and usually barely on time lol (high maintenance chick problems)

  **Please have appropriate donation for the time booked in an unsealed envelope (bonus points for using a card, colorful envelope or writing 'money for tacos' on it) and place on a table within eyesight before our encounter begin, if I'm doing an outcall to you please place in bathroom and I will excuse myself to freshen up upon arrival.   If our meeting is in public please use a card or gift bag.  Do not directly place anything in to my hands and please do not refer to the donation- total mood killer for me. (cue wah wah waaaaahhhh music).  The envelope thing isn't as big of a deal at my private incall so don't stress if you don't have one on hand but I have had some fabulous improvisions that always make me giggle.

**once you have set the donation down and we have finished our initial greetings please excuse yourself to the restroom and wash your hands. You are also free to shower if you would like just let me know! I will always have both manly smelling and unscented toiletries on hand and mouthwash and feel free to use what you need.  


**Please PLEASE help me watch the time and respect that my time is just as valuable as yours is to you.  I have a VERY busy life in general and possibly other appointments that day especially if I am touring so going over time can definitely mess things up.  If you would like to extend our meeting please ask and if I have the time to do so I absolutely will.  Although I am a busy person I will never make you feel rushed- our time is just that.  I am however far less likely to rebook gents to tend to repeatedly go over time/ it appears to be a habit.

**I always require a bit of notice before committing to a meeting- at least 90min- 2hours is appreciated (if I have met you previously)  Last minute requests however are generally pretty tough for me to accomodate as my schedule does fill pretty quickly but it never hurts to ask of course.  If you are a new client I would not expect to be seen the same day as I need time to verify your information and can't necessarily drop the other things I have going on to do so.  Planning ahead is key in scheduling a visit with me.

**Disrespecting me or my boundaries is not an option and will end your session immediately with your donation forfeit.  I don't tolerate assholes or abuse in any way shape or form.  Also I do not see anyone who is clearly intoxicated/ under the influence of alcohol/ drugs.  Sure we can have a drink or two to break the ice but please know your own limits as I don't know yours lol, no one wants to be put in a bad situation or regret something later.  i personally don't partake in 420 minus the extremely rare occasion but I dont mind if you do, anything else no thank you lol, I had my fun in college ;)

 With the formalities out of the way I'm sure we will have a fun time and hopefully our first meeting will lead to many more!  I always treat people how they treat me so you can be assured I will spoil you as long as you treat me with respect! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this as that shows you genuinely do care and don't want to piss me off hehe!  Don't worry-- I'm actually very laid back ;)