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I am indeed newbie friendly but will probably require a bit more information to get you properly screened.  My main focus will be verifying your identity and that you are a safe individual for me to see in a private setting.  Generally after you see a provider or two less information is required when you are booking with other ladies and you get to be a bit more annonymous.  I treat any information provided with the utmost discretion and will always respect your privacy.  Feel free to ask any questions  you may have- I'm here to help!

Screening is the process many higher end escorts utilize to verify that you are who you say you are and that you are an individual who is safe to be behind closed doors with.  This job comes with some obvious inherent risks including assault, robbery, rape, or being stalked and this helps to hopefully mitigate those risks.  You as a client also potentially take on various risks as well, which you mitigate by carefully choosing who you spend time with, reading reviews, looking at social media, and general research on your potential companion.  Screening can certainly be scary if you are newer to this side of the game but I can assure you that no established and verified companion would ever risk her career and the reputation she has built to be malicious with your information and you can relax a bit knowing you are in good hands- but that's where you are responsible for doing your due diligence in researching as not necessarily everyone is deserving of that trust.  If you are trying to book an escort and she doesn't ask for any screening info at all, my advice is to run :)

Screening methods can vary greatly from escort to escort and some will require different information from others.  I try to be as minimally invasive as possible as I don't like digging balls deep in your personal stuff more than necessary, but at the same time I do have to be able to check you out and verify you until I feel comfortable meeting you- I'd hate to have to bust out my sweet ass ninja skills in lingerie.  ;)  With that being said I DO NOT allow anyone to meet me anonymously- I must know who you are and that's not necessarily all about who you are per se but more so who you are not.  Obviously last thing I would want is to be face to face with someone undesirable for whatever reason as a result of a person remaining anonymous- I imagine thats how people wind up at the bottom of the river- I'll pass :)


If you are uncomfortable supplying the information I require that is totally fine and I do understand however I am afraid I cannot meet you as I just do not take those kinds of risks in my career.  I encourage you to reach out to a companion whose screening requirements are more in line with what you prefer.  You may also consider utilizing a verification service such as P411 (worldwide) or RS-AVS (formerly RS2K) (all over but mostly popular around the Chicago area) however please be aware not all providers will accept your membership there as a sole basis of screening.

At the moment my only duo parter is the lovely cougar Larissa Knight.  She is, however, based in Bloomington, IL but she does travel to Des Moines and Cedar Rapids regularly.  If you are interested in seeing us in action together to make those fantasies of yours come true feel free to check out her calendar and her details here and then let me know!

I have a phenomenal wardrobe and variety to fit any occasion and suit your tastes. If there is something you request please let me know, I actually prefer requests as it eliminates the guesswork out of me trying to decide :) You can be assured that I will be classy and never wear questionable attire in public or on outcalls as I highly value discretion as well. Some common requests include (but aren't limited to): -Dresses or skirts (specify length preference) -Yoga pants/ cami -Lingerie- corsets, chemises, garters, stockings, etc -Casual- jeans and a top

Nuru is an erotic type of massage that originated in Japan in which both of us will be completely nude and then covered in a special gel derived from seaweed that helps me to literally slide and glide my body all over yours- don't worry it's not as messy as it sounds!  This gel is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and extremely slippery.  This type of massage is truly unique and will give you sensations you have never previously enjoyed with other massages, relaxing your muscles and also stimulating your visual pleasure center.  Perfect for the gent who enjoys a little teasing, wants to try something new, or just likes being massaged by a set of greased up tits and a rock hard ass.  I am extremely flexible and muscular for my stature which allows me to put my own steamy twist on this and make it an experience you can't find anywhere else.  Please note we will take a quick shower at the beginning (just to get wet as this helps the gel) and then one afterwards as well (the gel can get sticky once it starts to dry) so make sure to factor that in as well when deciding the duration of your session.  Advance notice of at least 2-3 hours is required to ensure I am able to get everything set up.

Normally I do travel on occasion as I love meeting new people and forever suffer from a little bit of wanderlust, however I am staying local for the most part at the moment becaues of this stupid coronavirus crap.  When I do go on tour though I tend to visit the areas I am requested to, feel free to send me a suggestion if you would like a visit in your city!  Currently I most regularly visit Des Moines (every 4-8 weeks or so), but also make my rounds a couple times a year to central IL (Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield), Omaha, and the Quad Cities.  If you have a visit or business trip to any of these places and want to meet me let me know with as much notice as possible and I might be able to plan a tour around your request :)

I copied this off of a hobby board I am a member of as I thought it was very well written and summed this up very well:

What Makes a Good Client?

Almost everything that makes a client ‘good’ is motivated by respect for the escort. A good client…

First and foremost, a good client is a man who recognizes that his paid companion is an individual woman and he respects her as a person. This usually requires some maturity in the client (which is why a lot of escorts don’t want to see men under 30), along with having had some solid relationships with women (also part of the reason for the 30-and-over rule). Often, men who haven’t had much experience with escorts don’t understand this concept. They see escorts as a commodity or service and not as a personal relationship. With enough experiences, or meeting the right escort, they usually realize their mistake in perception and change their ideas about the person they pay for companionship.

Some men refuse to see any escort as more than a living sex doll. These men are almost universally loathed by escorts. Good clients realize that they’re arranging to meet a person and start a relationship, much like dating. They view the search for an escort as informed blind-dating, not shopping for tires.

2. PAYS CORRECTLY. A good client shows his respect in two tangible ways. He always pays the correct amount without any fuss and he is clean. Many escorts require payment up front in an envelope. A good client understands her rules and follows them to the letter (this usually involves not drawing attention to the moment). This establishes a lot of trust with her and he shows that he respects the way she chooses to run her business. (There are escorts who don’t require payment up front, but a client who does so anyway always wins points.) Even if he chooses to pay at the end of their time, he does so quickly and without a lot of discussion. It goes without saying that the amount is always correct.

3. HE IS CLEAN. This is not always possible for a client coming straight from the office or an airplane. In that case, he will take advantage of any shower facilities he or the escort has available. It’s only polite and a good client is polite! Many escorts like to keep mouthwash or sample-sized toothbrushes/toothpaste handy as well. A good client intuitively knows why those items are there and uses them if he needs to.

4. DOESN’T HAGGLE. A good client does not haggle or negotiate. An escort’s rates are her rates. Period. If he wants a better deal, he can become a regular client and try to negotiate from there (with a better chance of success) or he searches for someone within his financial range. All escorts are luxury items, no matter what they actually charge. A paid companion is not a basic necessity for life. Good clients recognize payment for what it is – a charge for an out-of-the-ordinary personal experience. In the US it’s considered rude to haggle. I don’t know about other countries.

5. …doesn’t push boundaries. A good client does not try to push boundaries. A good client doesn’t try to force his way past whatever boundary lines, BE IT EMOTIONAL OR PHYSICAL, an escort decides to draw in her work. Some men think such boundaries are there as a personal challenge. Others feel they can use money as a tool to bribe their way past the comfort zone. These men aren’t good clients. A good client respects his companion and realizes there’s a reason for how she structures her work. An escort can create any number of boundaries for herself – from safer sex to intimacy to travel arrangements; she makes her decisions based on what she feels is best for her well-being. There are clients who are invited to cross the lines. (They’re always good clients, which is why they get the invitation in the first place.) Her safer sex practices should never be flexible, but she may feel comfortable enough to relax some of her other boundaries. A good client is a man who recognizes that the lady leads this dance and waits for her to bring him further into her comfort zone.

6. …UNDERSTANDS SCREENING!! A good client understands why an escort needs to screen and willingly shares the information she requests. Of course, good clients are also worried about what happens with their information. They will do their best to find escorts that seem reputable, reliable, selective, discreet and trustworthy. An escort who wants to attract good clients will make sure she doesn’t cause doubts in an already-skeptical potential client. Men who don’t care about an escort’s safety won’t be willing to give even minimal screening information. They aren’t good clients.

7. …respects an escort’s time. A good client is respectful of an escort’s time. He doesn’t waste her time with endless e-mails/phone calls before meeting (unless she openly encourages the correspondence). He doesn’t waste her time with numerous cancellations and rescheduling. He doesn’t break an appointment without calling first. He is on time for appointments; not early, not late. Nor does he try to extend his allotted time with her (he can ask, but she may have other plans). If she doesn’t like last-minute appointments, or appointments on certain days/times, he doesn’t make those requests. In short, a good client treats an escort’s time as valuable to her; much as his time is probably valuable to him.

8. …is discreet. A good client is discreet. Many escorts don’t like explicit reviews or don’t allow any reviews. A good client will respect her wishes about reviews and behave accordingly. Discretion also extends to any time they spend together in public. No escort wants attention drawn to her while she’s with a client. Likewise, she doesn’t like spending time with an overly-prying client. Although a good client is genuinely interested in his companion, he understands the line between personal interest and being intrusive.

9. ..understands the mystery of chemistry. A good client recognizes that this is a very personal business. Sometimes people have chemistry, and sometimes they don’t. Not everyone will always get along with everyone else. Sometimes the client grates on the escort’s nerves. Sometimes she can’t find his wavelength. Good clients understand that professional escorts make every effort to make him happy. And if they don’t click; it wasn’t meant to be. Although they probably will not see this particular escort again, good clients capable of recognizing these concepts. Such mismatches are not reflections on either party. (I’m simply talking about a lack of magic happening, not instances where either party was harmed in some way.) …is good company. A good client is nearly always a positive person. Misery may love company, but company does not really like hanging around misery. Some men visit escorts precisely because they need cheering up. But a constantly depressed client who never seems to enjoy the attention they receive from their companions will never be a favored client. They may be harmless in every other way, but a miserable person is a miserable person. Escorts enjoy feeling like they’ve made a difference, even if for a small amount of time. An always-gloomy client ends up depressing his companion as well. Clients who are extremely sexist, racist or whose personal beliefs make an escort uncomfortable probably won’t be considered good clients. Of course, this is a personality mismatch and every escort has different levels of tolerance.

10. …doesn’t need to make bribes. Good clients are not necessarily the ones who tip or bring gifts. Often they are. But sometimes tippers or gift-bearers do this because they know they’re difficult to deal with and are trying to smooth the way. For most escorts, a man is a good client because of the quality of his company and not the quality of his material gifts. …sees the escort more than once. Nearly all good clients become good clients by seeing an escort fairly often. Building a relationship takes time and once is usually not enough to produce more than a fond memory. Of course, a first visit that lasts several hours or days goes a much longer way to establishing the relationship than one or two hours.

11. The Final Factor What makes a good client often has a lot to do with what the escort wants out of a client. Although the factors I list seem to be pretty universal, the final factor of what makes a good client is the escort in question. One man could see two different escorts and behave in a completely polite and respectful manner with both; yet one escort will like him more than the other escort. It comes down to personality. After all, this is a people business.


Being a douchebag.  Ha but really....



I'm pretty easy to get along with but every now and then I will have situations come up where I just cannot allow people with certain behaviors to schedule a visit with me including but not limited to:

*explicit texting

*frequent (I'm talking multiple times a week, almost daily) texting unrelated to booking (if you want to chat we can chat when you have my undivided attention) or anything else that unnecessarily wastes my time

*requesting BBFS or attempting it during a session

*screening results revealing a dangerous or violent criminal record

*showing signs or potential to be a 'stage 5 clinger' (I am a free spirit and a wild one at that...and clingy is so very unattractive to me)

*being a jerk or rude in general-  the gents I see treat me well...very well actually and I'm a bit spoiled possibly but I just won't put up with rudeness when I don't have to.