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 If you are seeking to arrange a meeting with me please start by filling out this form.  Screening is done both for my safety and yours and to preserve the integrity of the community.  I do not make appointments with anyone until I receive this intake form and have a chance to review it- NO EXCEPTIONS.  Your information is handled with extreme discretion and you can rest assured I would never use any of it maliciously- any reputable lady in this industry sure wouldn't risk her livlihood in such a manner.  I only require what I need to feel completely comfortable seeing you as that is key to us being able to relax and enjoy ourselves during our time :)  If you have a question about anything on the form please email me at [email protected].


I DO NOT meet with anyone under the age of 21! Sorry


*Discretion and safety are paramount to me and I obide by strict ethical codes of conduct- you are in good hands :)